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Spring Wellness Tips for Seniors

residents walking hand in hand

After a long and cold winter, seniors are feeling inspired to rejuvenate their physical health and get a bit more active now that temperatures are warming up.

Here at North Oaks, we encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for residents, which can be achieved by a number of activities depending on personal preference and ability!

Keep reading to see what simple and effective activities seniors can add to their daily activities this spring to benefit their overall wellness.

Put On Your Walking Shoes

Whether residents decide to walk indoors at the Fitness Center, or enjoy the warmer temperatures and sun on their skin while walking outdoors around North Oaks – they can be sure that they’re are helping their body stay fit! Walking has considerable benefits for seniors including controlling blood sugar, supporting bone and heart health and improving sleep!

Try A New Exercise Class

Exercise classes are a great opportunity to explore a new way of getting active, making new connections, and learning something new!

North Oaks is proud to provide numerous exercise class options for residents ranging from seated kickboxing, chair yoga, cardio fitness, and much more. Each class has a professional instructor, ready to answer any questions and get residents moving!


Gardening is a favorite pastime of many North Oaks residents, and can finally be enjoyed come springtime! With both mental and physical benefits, gardening is calming, relaxing and can improve strength, flexibility, and agility.

Many of North Oaks’ residents fill their homes with plants and flowers of all year long but come spring, take full advantage of the outdoor gardening areas available for their use!

Rethink Eating Habits

Now that spring has sprung, seniors can revisit their eating habits and add lighter, seasonal foods and vegetables such as asparagus, peas, and strawberries to their diet.

Chef Nate and the culinary team at North Oaks are dedicated to providing fresh, nutritious, and seasonally curated dishes to residents, providing them with healthy and smart dining options as the seasons change.