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Welcoming Spring at North Oaks

resident smelling flowers

The snow is melting, flowers are budding, and temperatures are warming up – it’s time to welcome back spring to the North Oaks community!

While North Oaks continues to provide engaging and enriching activities year-round, the springtime offers even more opportunities for residents to truly enjoy some of their favorite hobbies, ways to exercise, and time together as a community.

Read on to see how we’re welcoming the spring season back at North Oaks:

1. Festive & Special Events for Residents

North Oaks loves to bring seasonal and fun events in-house to residents, including special events they may have even requested themselves to our Community Services team!

Residents will enjoy making the most of the spring season with in-house events celebrating Purim for Jewish residents, a special visit from the Seth Kibel Trio for music fans, and weekly performances from musician in residence, Caleb Bailey!

2. Getting Active Outdoors

With spring comes warmer temperatures, and with warmer temperatures come the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get active while doing so!

North Oaks’ unique location on a grand hilltop, the highest point in Pikesville, MD, provides a beautiful view for residents to enjoy and explore for themselves when the weather is right.

Walking and stretching outside are easy and simple ways North Oaks residents can continue staying active while enjoying the warmer weather.

Check out what North Oaks resident Betty Eckhaus had to say when it comes to getting active and walking the beautiful area surrounding North Oaks!

3. Getting Creative & Working With Our Green Thumbs

Springtime means fresh new colors and more vibrant days – a perfect time to get creative and relieve stress through fun activities.

From interactive weekly art classes to music theory classes, book discussions, and more, North Oaks has events for all interests that residents can enjoy throughout the month and spring season.

Another spring past-time of many North Oaks residents – gardening! But, did you know that gardening increases levels of physical activity, and maintains mobility and flexibility?

In addition to physical health, gardening also benefits mental health and can be stress-reducing!

North Oaks residents are welcome to furnish their home with plants and flowers of their liking, and now that warmer weather and optimal outdoor planting time is approaching, take advantage of the outdoor gardening area that is just waiting for this year’s crop!