Frequently Asked Questions About Our Life Plan Community

Frequently Asked Questions — and Answers

We understand choosing a senior living community is a big decision. We want to be a helpful resource, wherever you are on your senior living journey. To guide you, we’ve provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our community. Of course, we’re always available to answer your questions — call us any time at 490-691-3146.

A Life Plan Community (also known as a continuing care retirement community or CCRC) offers the security of knowing you’ll have care options, if you ever need them. Unlike many senior living communities, a Life Plan Community offers independent living and a continuum of on-site care, including skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and post-hospital care.

North Oaks doesn’t accept direct admissions for their senior health care services. Once a senior moves into independent living, we do everything possible to support them. With no direct admissions, residents won’t have to worry about competing with outside seniors for access to higher levels of care.

Independent Living

Independent living gives active older adults an opportunity to enjoy their current lifestyles without the burden of home maintenance. At North Oaks, independent living residents enjoy a worry-free and rewarding lifestyle in maintenance-free apartment homes with a wide variety of services, amenities and like-minded friends.

Many of our current residents asked the same question. Today, they’ll tell you, “I wish I’d made this move sooner.” Why not start building new friendships and enjoying the freedom of maintenance-free living, life-enriching activities, amenities and services?

The monthly fee includes valet, concierge services, weekly housekeeping with linen and towel service, preventative maintenance, utilities (water, gas, electric, WiFi and basic cable), choice of several meal plan options, and access to common areas, arts-and-crafts room, and fitness center. Our amenities also include complimentary access to the Villages at Woodholme fitness center, putting green, tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool, and community center.

Absolutely. Your apartment is your home. Bring furniture and belongings you treasure. Or start fresh with new pieces you’ve been waiting to enjoy.

Your guests are always welcome in your home and more than welcome to enjoy recreational facilities, dining venues, amenities and activities with you while visiting. You can reserve and rent guest rooms for family and friends.

Most people who drive do, but because the community offers transportation, a car isn’t a necessity. Many couples choose to keep one car instead of two, but that choice is entirely yours.

Assisted Living

It’s a combination of community living with personalized supportive services and some health care — all within our Autumn Ridge Health Center. This level of care is designed to meet the needs of North Oaks residents who need help with activities of daily living. The goal of assisted living is to ensure safety while preserving as much independence as possible.

Rest assured, our team of interdisciplinary professionals, led by the resident health services navigator will assist you in identifying your care needs. Assisted living options are ideal for residents who can still live independently but need extra assistance with activities of daily living — taking medication, bathing, dressing, meals, housekeeping, transportation and other everyday needs. Trained professionals provide an individualized level of support while helping you preserve an active lifestyle filled with friends, neighbors and family.

We want to support a resident’s independence. So we provide the specific services they may require – taking medicines, bathing, dressing, meals, transportation, and housekeeping – in the comfort, privacy, and familiarity of the resident’s assisted living studio space.

At North Oaks, we offer a continuum of care. In addition to assisted living, we provide skilled nursing, which provides 24-hour care for individuals recovering from illness or injury, or those needing more long-term supervision or support.

Skilled Nursing

It is a level of care ideal for those who are recovering from a hospital stay or who need long-term care. Professional, compassionate support is delivered around-the-clock by licensed professionals, including RNs, LPNs and geriatric nurse assistants. We also offer custom programs that encourage maximum social interaction and preserve dignity.

This level of care is appropriate for those who require attentive medical care but don’t have the acute needs that would make hospitalization necessary. It provides a higher level of care than assisted living, whether the need is for short-term hands-on assistance with routine activities, rehabilitation services or long-term care.

Long-term nursing care may be necessary for seniors who are dealing with an ongoing health condition or disability, chronic or severe pain, a chronic medical condition, permanent disability, dementia, or those who need help with activities of daily living.

We do not. Skilled nursing services are only available to current residents. This way we can help make sure we have the capacity to serve our residents whenever they need us.


The Autumn Ridge Health Center at North Oaks provides short- and long-term senior rehabilitation with physical, speech and occupational therapies. Residents recovering from illness or injury receive expert care from skilled pathologists and therapists using advanced treatments and technologies.

Both therapies help residents regain strength and mobility, but occupational therapy helps residents adapt to their social and physical environment through education in things like dressing, memory training and coordination exercises.

Our skilled speech and language pathologists address communication issues and swallowing dysfunction. They’ll design treatment plans to help with language ability, provide alternate communication strategies, and give appropriate diet recommendations.

Every person receives an individualized treatment plan based on their specific rehabilitation needs and input from their doctor.

Your rehabilitation team will include a doctor, nurse, social worker, dietitian and therapists. Each member will bring their own expertise to help guide your rehabilitation process. The rehabilitation process is a partnership with the care team, you and your family members.

We do not. Senior rehabilitation services are only available to current residents. This way we can help make sure we have the capacity to serve our residents whenever they need us.

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