Don’t delay on making a decision to move to North Oaks in the new year! You could save 30% on entrance fees and plans if you deposit this winter.

With our low entrance fees and flexible contract options, don’t let this incentive pass you by!

*There are 5 Residency Agreements available with varying Entrance Fees and Return options.

Ask a Residency Counselor for more details. Contact information below.

Check out our floor plans, pricing and interior images below.

Low entrance fees corresponding to the three sample floor plans below:
Calvert $135,900
Alleghany $165,900
Arlington $188,500

One Bedroom Calvert

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath

One Bedroom Deluxe Alleghany

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath

Two Bedroom Arlington

2 Bedroom / 2 Bath

How to take advantage of these low entrance fees and 30% savings:

Barbara Synder, Residency Counselor
(410) 602-0317

Vicki Kahn, Residency Counselor
(410) 691-3146