Q & A with Angel Frazier of Patriot Angels

Patriot Angels is an organization that is dedicated to assisting Veterans and their spouses nationwide with applying for the VA Aid and Attendance benefit. Angel Frazier, the Director of Community Relations with Patriot Angels, recently visited North Oaks for an informational session with staff and residents. We spoke with Frazier about the Aid and Attendance benefit, including who is eligible to receive it, the process of securing it, and how it can provide significant financial support to residents at a senior living community like North Oaks.

What is the Aid and Attendance benefit and how does it work?  

Aid and Attendance is a VA pension that helps supplement the cost of long-term care for wartime Veterans and surviving spouses. 

Who qualifies for the benefit? 

Veterans or surviving spouses needing long-term care and who meet the VA eligibility requirements can qualify for the VA pension, Aid and Attendance. 

For those who qualify, how much financial support are they eligible to receive monthly? 

A Veteran or Surviving spouse can receive up to:

Veteran with no dependent: $2,229.00

Veteran with one dependent: $2,642.00

Surviving spouse: $1,432

Veteran married to a Veteran: $3,536.00

Less than 2% of veterans are collecting VA benefits. Why is that the case?

There are many reasons that this is the case. Many Veterans and spouses do not know that this benefit even exists. If they are aware of it and apply on their own, they may encounter hurdles and setbacks due to not understanding the eligibility factors and what is required during the application process. Unfortunately, many Veterans and their families give up and stop pursuing a benefit they may be eligible for due to this being a complex process.

What is Patriot Angels’ role in helping veterans secure the benefit? Take us through the process from start to finish.

Patriot Angels consists of a team of advocates that assist Veterans and their families with navigating the application process. Every Veteran who calls in is screened thoroughly to determine their potential eligibility for benefits. For clients who meet the requirements and choose to move forward, our team provides a white glove service while working with them to build a fully developed claim. Patriot Angels has assisted over 17,000 Veterans and spouses in getting approved for the Aid and Attendance benefit because of our expertise and knowledge of the system and what is required.

How can this benefit positively impact residents at a senior living community like North Oaks?

The Aid and Attendance benefit allows residents to receive a monthly tax-free pension that goes directly to them for the purpose of supplementing the cost of their long-term care. This additional monthly income helps the residents breathe a sigh of relief knowing they can afford the community while not depleting their life savings. 

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