North Oaks Offering 20% Off Entrance Fees Through March!

Are you or someone you love considering a move to a retirement community?

If so, now’s the time! North Oaks is more accessible than ever with different contract options and 20% off through March. North Oaks Executive Director Reuben Rosenfeld shares some exciting details.

Q:         North Oaks offers two primary contract options.  What are the differences between these options?

A:         Type A contracts have more expensive entrance and monthly fees but keep the price consistent throughout the resident’s time at North Oaks no matter their healthcare needs. Type C contracts have a much smaller initial entrance fee which often makes this a more palatable option.  Unlike a Type A contract, a resident with a Type C contract will pay the market rate for care outside of independent living in our assisted living or skilled nursing facility, if needed.

Q:         What is the special pricing you are offering now?

A:         North Oaks is offering 20% off entrance fees through March 31st on both A and C contracts.  We have a few apartments that have become available so we’re offering a deep discount to get them filled.  This is pricing that we rarely offer with up to nearly $135,000 off Type A contracts and up to nearly $100,000 off Type C contracts.  Now is a great time to consider North Oaks!

Q:         Who benefits from a Type C contract?

A:         If you prefer to “pay as you go” rather than committing more money up front, or if you have long-term care insurance, the Type C contract is a great option.You’ll have a more affordable entrance and monthly fee while living in one of our independent living apartments.  Should you need a higher level of care, your long-term care insurance will kick in towards the monthly fee in our Assisted Living and/or Skilled Nursing facilities.  Additionally, long-term care may even cover home care in your independent living apartment.

Call North Oaks at 410-498-8914 to learn what contract is best for you!


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