Quality Meets Convenience with North Oaks’ On-Site Healthcare Services

Are you considering moving to a retirement community, but concerned with how you’ll be able to keep up with all of your doctor’s appointments? Do you rely on a family member or friend to get around to your appointments throughout the week?

At North Oaks, everything is taken care of for you. We’re focused on quality and convenience in all aspects of life, with a special emphasis on providing top-notch healthcare services. While you have the option of keeping your favorite providers, rest assured that on-site services are available to all of our residents.

We’ve partnered with Post-Acute Physician Partners, a Lifebridge Health-affiliated practice, to provide internal medicine services to our community. The dedicated team of Dr. Scott Haswell, Dr. Shushil Sagar, and Stephanie Vagnier, NP, makes regular trips to North Oaks to care for our residents.

But our healthcare offerings don’t end there. We work with specialists across the board to keep you healthy and feeling good so you can enjoy all that North Oaks has to offer.


If you need to have your hearing evaluated or your hearing aid checked, Dr. Sofia Roller has you covered. Dr. Roller currently serves as the President of the Maryland Academy of Audiology and is the Chief Audiologist at The Hearing Wellness Center in Timonium.


Experiencing foot or ankle issues? Whether you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis or an ingrown toenail, Dr. Richard Rosenblatt can help.


Monitoring changes in your skin – from moles to rashes – is essential for people of all ages. Celia Reznitsky, CRNP can do full-body assessments and address any other skin issues that arise.


No need to make a trip to the dentist – William Taylor, DDS will make a house call for most common dental procedures.


While it’s normal for visual acuity to decline with age, keep an eye on any major changes with your vision. Dr. DeAnne Leonard, optometrist, and David Goodman, optician can provide most vision services right at North Oaks.


Having trouble hearing? Dr. Alan Oshinsky, a board-certified otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor), makes monthly visits to North Oaks to remove ear wax to help improve your hearing.


Mental and physical health are equally important components of overall health. Counterpoint Health Services can provide one-on-one therapy sessions in the privacy of your apartment.

With everything under one roof at North Oaks, you no longer need to worry about getting to a medical appointment. We’ve got you covered!