Endless activities contribute to fun and fulfilling lifestyle at North Oaks 

At North Oaks, we take pride in helping our residents live their lives to the fullest while providing amenities that nourish the body, mind and soul. Members of our vibrant, flourishing community enjoy the freedom to spend their days how they choose.  

A key feature of the North Oaks lifestyle is the robust selection of activities that we offer. Resident input is the driving force in our programming, as we strive to provide something for everyone.  

Exercise classes, educational seminars, musical performances and day trips to area attractions are all part of what we offer to our residents. And the best part? Led by members of our community, new activities and programs are introduced on a monthly basis! 

Here’s a brief overview of the many classes, clubs, events and programs that our residents have to choose from.  


In addition to eating a healthy diet, daily physical activity is essential for older adults, as it can prevent or delay health issues associated with aging. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults aged 65 and older should be exercising 150 minutes a week.  

There’s no shortage of exercise options at North Oaks – class offerings include Tone It Up, Sit & Fit, Core & Cardio, Seated Core Crunch, Full Body Flexibility, Chair Yoga, and more. Our residents have also started their own walking group – while others prefer to get their daily exercise from our popular Wii Bowling League! 


We believe that keeping the mind engaged and sharp is equally as important as physical activity. That’s why we partnered with The Renaissance Institute of Lifelong Learning to bring exciting educational opportunities to North Oaks.  

The Renaissance Institute, which is affiliated with Notre Dame University of Maryland, offers a curriculum covering a wide range of topics – including art, history, science, literature, music, philosophy, politics, public affairs, creative writing, drawing and painting, film, foreign language, and yoga. 


Our residents enjoy weekly musical performances – both by our Musician-in-Residence, and visiting performers. This month, the Craig Satchell Jazz Ensemble, pianist Ramilya Saubanova,  jazz singer Irene Jalenti, and pianist Fred Moyer all performed at North Oaks.  

We also said goodbye to our beloved Musician-in-Residence, guitarist Caleb Bailey, who is set to graduate from the Peabody Institute in June. We’re thrilled to welcome our new Musician-in-Residence later this summer! 

Day Trips  

As much as our residents love our beautiful Pikesville campus, they appreciate getting away for a day to experience the many attractions available in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. areas.  

Trips to museums, art galleries, sporting events, top-rated restaurants and more happen on a weekly basis, giving our residents the opportunity to enjoy exciting and refreshing experiences with their friends.  

Interested in learning more about all that we have to offer? Visit our Facebook page for the latest updates from our staff and residents on what’s happening at North Oaks! 

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